5 Networking Tips

  • Don't be all about business. Foster meaningful relationships.
  • Be different, upbeat, cheerful, yet professional. Have a good vibe about yourself.
  • Make conversations about them, not yourself.
  • Know your boundaries. Never a hard sell.
  • Try to understand their problems first.

Networking Conversation Starters

  • Start With A Compliment.
  • Go Ahead And Talk Shop
  • Ask For Help
  • Introduce Yourself
  • Talk About Background
  • Get Personal.
  • Talk About Ongoing Projects
  • Ask A Hypothetical Question

How to Exit Conversations

Sample: It was a pleasure speaking with you. I’m going to take a look at some of the other exhibits here, but if I don’t run into you later, I hope to see you at another event soon.

To Connect Later On

When someone you’ve met seems like a valuable contact, make sure you exchange information before you part. You can even suggest a future meeting to speak one-on-one. Sample: “I have to head out right now, but I enjoyed learning more about your work. Could I get your contact info to schedule a time for us to finish our conversation?”