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Karen Kelly
PO Box 59099, Schaumburg, IL 60192

Barter is smarter! Small business owners need, appreciate and benefit from being part of a unique, vibrant community of likeminded business owners who understand the value of utilizing the ITEX Marketplace to increase their sales and gain new exposure while saving money. Using a legal electronic currency called ITEX dollars our clients are able to buy and sale to thousands of business members from across the country. ITEX trading partners build solid mutually beneficial relationships which are nurtured by ITEX brokers and trade directors.

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Bartering has been around since the beginning of time and it is not going anywhere. Yes, cash is king but with barter, when used as an alternative to spending cash as well as a means to gain new business and to move aging and excess inventory bartering is simply brilliant. Doing 10% to 15% of business in trade is most beneficial to entrepreneurs. My goal is to provide value to current and future local small business owners.

ITEX is a business tool used to generate new customers and reduce cash expenses. Members have their own ITEX account and thousands of goods and services are bought and sold daily using ITEX dollars as the form of payment. All sales are reported annually to the IRS on form 1099-B.

I also write picture books for children about angels and God’s unconditional love . Everyone needs to feel safe and loved. My website is

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